PWS has been such a positive experience for our daughter. She has enjoyed the curriculum and the age appropriate activities led by the professional staff of caring people! Jesus Christ must smile on PWS!”


“The teachers my children have had at PWS have done more than hold their little hands. They also hold their precious hearts.”


“We could not imagine a more loving, structured and fun place for our child. The rewards have been endless. How fortunate our family is.”


“The teachers and school have well surpassed our hopes and expectations. We look forward to many more years with you.”


Thank you for making it possible for my child to have one more year here, one more year of Christ centered education!  PWS has been so wonderful to my child and my family, my words could never thank you enough”


“The creativity of the teachers my child has had over the years has continued to amaze us, as parents and most importantly our child. Enough praise for the teachers could not be put into words.” 


“I am so thankful for this program. We know our child’s development would not have been complete without your love and care. Thanks to each and every member of the PWS team. Thanks for giving her a love of learning and the care of Jesus Christ though your staff.”


“I am very pleased that PWS is Christian based and reinforces what we do at home. When we drive by First Presbyterian, our daughter said with excitement “That’s my school!” Once she pointed to the cross on the steeple, I asked her what it means she replied, “Jesus loves me!””


“I have such peace of mind knowing that PWS is a research based school! All your practices are intended to developmentally aid my child in her education and keep my child safe!  Thank you for making sure everything is done the right way across the board!”


“We are very pleased with PWS. Our children have been happy to attend and we are happy with their social and cognitive growth, and with their spiritual development. Thank you, God Bless you!.” 


“All three of my children have had a wonderful experience at PWS. I will miss it when my last child goes to elementary school. Thank you PWS” 



“PWS teachers and staff treat each child and parent like they are important. The teachers not only love and teach our children, they also help the parents with guidance and offer reassurance. When I take my child to PWS in the morning, I do not worry, which is very important to me!”


“PWS has been an excellent program for us. We have enjoyed every aspect of the school. Thank you for taking care of my child and our family” 


“We appreciate everything the administration and staff have done for our family! You are a blessing!”


“I am blessed with the friendships with other families and the children I have grown to love!”


“I have enjoyed seeing how my child has developed this year. Now ready for kindergarten, I feel PWS has contributed greatly in my child’s development and readiness for school. Thank you all at PWS.”


“I have trouble finding the words to express my gratitude of the support PWS has shown us… God is moving daily thorough the staff to provide for our needs and the needs of so many others. We can not thank you enough”


“We have thoroughly enjoyed the PWS program over the past two years. It is such a warm and loving atmosphere! We would highly recommend it to anyone.” 


“We have been very pleased with PWS. Our son loves going to school. Thank you for a great experience.”


“I tell everyone to enroll at PWS. It was well worth keeping my child’s name on the waiting list to experience the warmth and care you have shown…”


“Thank you to PWS for providing such an emotionally stable environment, teaching messages of God and encouraging the independence of our child. Thank you for being so supportive in his development.”


“We have loved PWS from the first day our child attended. Our teachers have always been great. I have highly recommended PWS to all our friends that are looking for a school for their children.” 


“I am grateful for the wonderful program that is offered here. I will be recommending PWS to friends and family. Thank you for all you do.”


“We are very pleased with PWS. Our children have been happy to attend and we are happy with their social and cognitive growth, and with their spiritual development. Thank you, God Bless you!” 


We have truly been blessed by an outstanding staff of caring women. I could not have asked for a more caring team to greet my family in the morning. Care for my child and for our whole family. Thank you PWS for the love you have shown us and all the other families attending. 

How wonderful to have such an excellent program here in my own church! I am pleased to support mission work through our church but I am so grateful to be the recipient of a mission as well! I love PWS and the staff. Thank you FPC for supporting this wonderful program for my children. God Bless the PWS staff.
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